The purpose of The Caribbean & Central America Tennis Confederation COTECC is to encourage, lead, organize, govern, and promote the game of tennis; to organize, sponsor and/or regulate tournaments, championships, training programs and workshops for the National Tennis Federations of the Caribbean and Central America; and to keep affiliated to the International Tennis Federation, in its capacity of representative of the geographic area of the Caribbean and Central America.

The Main Objectives Of COTECC Shall Be:

  1. To encourage and promote the game of tennis in the Caribbean and Central American region in a suitable and convenient way for all the member federations.

  2. To carry out all functions which the ITF entrusts to the Confederation.

  3. Produce and sanction calendars of all level of activities within the Region.  Regarding ITF events outside the COTECC Region, propose to ITF that the events of COTECC be included in the international calendar.

  4. To promote, establish and coordinate programs for development and education, within the Region.

  5. To represent its affiliate members in their dealings with the ITF, when it is requested to mediate on their behalf.

  6. To assure there shall be no racial, religious or political discrimination in its programs and/or tournaments.

  7. To strengthen and develop bonds of friendship and cooperation among the member federations.

  8. To protect the interests of all member federations.

  9. To provide its members first hand information regarding ITF programs and events.

  10. To clear any doubts regarding tennis or COTECC’s bylaws and regulations.

  11. To provide a detailed yearly report, regarding the sports and administrative activities as well as the investments of the funds acquired regardless the source.

  12. Partially or fully resolve any petitions made by its members within a 30-day period.

  13. Strongly encourage its members to participate in ITF events and take the maximum advantage of the programs which it provides.

  14. To spread widely the “message” of ITF to other sports organizations, to the government sports and recreational ministries, the media and to the public.

  15. To correctly administer any funds sent by the ITF to the Confederation.

  16. To host and organize regional tournaments.

  17. To maintain a relationship with the international sports entities.

  18. To work accordingly with the ITF rules and regulations.